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  • Members of Concord Golf Club embraced the program and generously donated their pre-loved equipment to the cause.

  • A tub was placed at the front of the Pro shop whereby members could donate used golf balls. More than 600,000 balls have been donated over a 16 year period.

  • Members of Georges River Golf Club have also begun donating used equipment.

  • Many of Ken Trimble's pupils have also embraced the program and happily parted with pre-loved equipment.

  • Approximately 750 sets of clubs have been resized and re-gripped by Pro shop staff and volunteer members.

  • 750 golf bags have been either donated or purchased to store the donated clubs. 

  • Approximately 200 golf buggies have been donated.

  • Shirts, Caps and shoes have been donated by Performance Golf

  • Grips are donated by Golf Pride, Australia.

  • Golf bags have been donated by Eagles & Birdies





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