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During my time as Captain of Concord Golf Club I observed many of my golfing friends with new Big Bertha drivers etc., this prompted me to put in a request in the club newsletter for any pre-loved clubs to be left at the pro shop. The response was amazing and I took a box trailer load of golf equipment to Denman Golf Club for them to use to encourage more people to try golf at their small club.

Ken Trimble took the idea a step further by cutting down and re-gripping clubs for juniors at Grong Grong, a small sand green course close to his home town of Narrandera. Together with the help of golfing friends Ron Cooper, Vince Curran and Bob Reid I have now made 8 trips in NSW and one to Port Augusta in Kennard’s trucks loaded with golf gear.

I was born in Trundle a small town 55 kilometres north-west of Parkes, the venue of our trip last month and was pleased to see the great roll up of kids from the district. 

The Ken Trimble Country Junior programme has been a resounding success thanks to Ken, our generous sponsors, helpers and members of CGC.







Norm Buckley





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Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 10.24.08

Norm Buckley, PGA Professional Ron Luxton and Vince Curran during Narrandera visit.


Parkes 2017. Roadies Ron Cooper, Bob Reid & Norm Buckley at brekky.



The Volunteers





"The highlights were many but none more-so than the look of excitement on the kid’s faces when they received their first set of golf clubs. 

That “giving feeling” extended from the golfer who donated equipment to the program, the financial supporters, PGA members who offered their time to coach, the country town local golfers who helped facilitate the program but most of all the Country Program Team."





The Road Crew






Norm Buckley 

Ron Cooper 

Vince Curran 

Bob Reid 

James Pinkerton

Alf DiMonte






The Financial Supporters







Tony Moody 

Alan Whelpton 

John Brunton 

Stephen Sykes 

Len Bleasel 

Mario Adamo 






PGA Golf Professionals








Ken Trimble 

John Clifford

Sharon Knott - non PGA Member

Ron Luxton

Buck Allen

Grant Kenny

Glenn Phillips








One Metropolitan Golf Club reached out to 700 Country kids over a twelve year period.

The total budget for travelling 15,000 kilometres to provide 500 sets of clubs, equipment and accessories was less than $40,000.

The labour and effort were cost free because the team of PGA Professionals and supporters were enriched  by the interaction with juniors, parents and supporters of the program at the various towns that were visited.

The people who supplied equipment to the program did so because they believed that the concept was worthwhile.

The formula is simple and effective for the introduction of kids to the game of golf. For the program to be a true success follow up support is the component required. 

Our country program team is prepared to continue assisting at venues where dedicated local people are trying to promote the game.

From a personal perspective my introduction to the game of golf was by chance. Ron Luxton issued my pass to the world beyond a small country town. My journey has been very rewarding and enriched by the relations I have made along the way.

To sow that seed of opportunity into country kids who may not otherwise consider golf as a chosen sport is worth all the time and effort.

A huge thank you to those who have been so generous with their support.

Ken Trimble 

PGA Professional             





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